Gabe Baker

gabebakerDegrees: B.A Classical Studies from Oberlin College

Program of Study: Learning, Culture, and Technology Studies MA/PhD, University of California Santa Barbara

Year in the Program: First

Research Interests: After graduating from Oberlin, Gabe started a Latin program at the Pacific Hills School in Los Angeles, and he helped Pacific Hills begin a tablet device program for students. To gain more experience, Gabe provided pro bono professional training to other schools in the Los Angeles area that were implementing technology programs.

Gabe is most interested in narrative-centered digital learning environments, but more broadly he conducts research and develops projects related to learning games, virtual environments, distance learning tools, and digital reading practices. One project he is currently engaged in is the development of two narrative-centered learning games geared towards middle and high school learners, set in 3d virtual worlds. One of them is for HTML learning, and the other is for Latin learning. Gabe plans to orient a plan of research around these games that nuances current debates about the role of narrative in learning games and at a broader level how to evaluate and define the efficacy of them.

Gabe is also developing the virtual campus for the Great Books Summer Program, and he teaches an after-school program at the Crane School for Latin learning.